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7 April 2022
Dear resistance,

Some of you have pointed out that the link for the Campaign Asks document seems not to work.  We set out to put that right in  the boxed text below, when we noticed that what had actually happened was that Mailchimp is just downloading such linked documents to your device (whilst dumping you back on the last web page you were looking at).  So the link was OK, but we’ll add the full text of the Campaign Asks below just in case there’s still a problem.At the Round Table on Tuesday there were some campaign asks which included mention of an event taking place on Thursday evening 7 April.  See here for the full Campaign Asks list and here for details of Thursday’s talk.  This is so hot that it hasn’t even made it to the Round Table Hopper WhatsApp group, so very exceptionally you won’t even find it on the UKPEN Key events calendar.But if you have an event you want to bring to a wider audience, please don’t forget to use the system we have created which will enable everyone to see it within 24 hours of your posting it in the Grassroots Hopper WhatsApp group, join here .  But first: for those who were disappointed by the cancellation of UK Rejoin the EU’s May march, there is now more hot news in that the date for the re-jigged event in September will be announced on Ben Chambers’ Sixteen Million Rising show on Monday: Grassroots for Europe Round Table # 24 – Tuesday 5th April
Theme: Divergence or Alignment with EU in Tech
Campaign Asks
European Movement
Book Talk – Digital Gangsters with Ian Lucas
Thu 7 Apr 2022 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM BST Online
Our series of Ukraine-related events continues with an online interview with former Labour MP Ian Lucas, who will talk about his new book Digital Gangsters, covering among other things attempts by the Kremlin to manipulate British democracy. https://www.tickettailor.com/events/europeanmovement/680020
Shared Narratives
Webinar – Telling a New Story about Europe – Psychological Insights
Wed 20 Apr 2022 7:30 PM – 8:45 PM BST
Also from Paul Willner: This is the article I outlined:
Unlock Democracy:
Powering Up Collaborative Initiative
From Tom Brake:  If you represent an organisation that has not signed yet, and want to, please email me, tom.brake@unlockdemocracy.org.uk  We will be seeking support from individuals shortly.
Additional email mentioned for more information: kyle@fairvote.uk
Forward Democracy
From Josh Russell @joshr:
Information for organisations interested in joining the Tactical Voting Alliance, email Josh Russell, josh@forwarddemocracy.com
Other comments and information from the Chat
Russian Interference in IT Systems
It is worth drawing attention to parallels between Hungary and UK – see in particular article on Russsian interference with Hungarian IT systems embedded in this one:
On a similar theme, a reminder from a previous Round Table 08/02/2022
What Next for UK’s Democracy – the Orbanisation of the UK?
Here is the link to Professor Pech’s slides on the Backsliding into Authoritarianism.
See slides at RT#22 (a) – https://grassrootsforeurope.org/summary-reports/

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