Brexit has cost the City £1tn in assets and 7400 jobs so far, report finds | Evening Standard

“Banks have moved or are moving more than £900bn in assets from the UK to the EU and insurance firms and asset managers have transferred over £100bn more in assets and funds.”
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3 thoughts on “Brexit has cost the City £1tn in assets and 7400 jobs so far, report finds | Evening Standard”

  1. There should never have been a referendum in the first place.
    Having had one, with the vote being so close and many not allowed to vote , there should have been far more information on how leaving would effect the UK, and another vote given. I sadly didn’t vote as presumed many would vote to stay in the EU.
    Regret my decision every day, having a son living in an EU country, the costs and paper work to visit or send parcels has increased incredibly.

  2. Brexit has done an awful lot of damage to our country and the thought of the losses we could still have e.g. Scotland, Northern Ireland, Gibraltar and the Falkland Islands is appalling. Personally the thing I get angry about is I have lost the freedom to roam at will around Europe as have my children and grand children. No retirement to the sun for many Brits either now.
    Whenever I ask a brexit voter. Why did they do it. They just say “freedom” or “out means out”. The more articulate ones will say to leave the corrupt EU. Then look at who they vote in to run the UK.

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