Fwd: NEW REPORT: EU Settlement Scheme

UK un a Changing Europe's NEW EU Settlement Scheme report  finds that potentially hundreds of thousands of EU citizens could be left in legal limbo on 1 July. The report explains the background to the scheme, which ends on 30 June, why people have not yet registered and the lessons learned so far.

Deadline: 30 June
The EU Settlement Scheme report explains that more than five million have applied to the scheme, but those who don’t do so by the deadline, risk losing their rights of residence. Read the summary here.
EUSS Summary
Watch the video of Catherine Barnard, summarising the key points from the report.
How much longer?
This Guardian article explains how some who have applied are still waiting a decision from the Home Office, which means they could face difficulties if they cannot prove their status when they try to access the NHS or to travel. 
Losing it
The Mirror write up states that EU citizens could 'immediately and irreversibly lose their rights of residence” with the Home Office after June 30 cut-off. 
Do you know?
Catherine Barnard appeared on Times Radio discussing the scale of the digital process, the success behind the programme and what happens to people who miss the deadline.
Pre-settled status
On Bloomberg Radio, Catherine looks at the the issues concerning groups such as those with pre-settled status.
Why haven't you registered?
On BBC Radio Scotland, Catherine explains the list of reasons why people may not have registered.
APPG on the EUSS
Catherine Barnard and Jonathan Portes will be sharing their analysis on the EUSS to an All Party Parliamentary Group. Click here to register.
Anand Menon
Director, UK in a Changing Europe


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Note from the editor: Here at #BrexitCarnage we are very worried about the future of the settlement scheme. Please share this far and wide to help raise awareness of the impending struggle. 

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