Brexit has failed, says Farage – do you agree? Take our poll and have your say | Daily Mirror

​Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage says the ‘Tories have let us down very, very badly’ and claims the UK is now ‘driving business away’. Read More  

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1 thought on “Brexit has failed, says Farage – do you agree? Take our poll and have your say | Daily Mirror”

  1. Brexit is a con and was never meant to work.

    In the weeks leading up to the vote huge amount of disinformation was spread on social media about what leaving the EU would mean.

    All Brexit was about was deregulation and the subjugation of our rights. Deregulation does not help 85 year old pensioner Doris but it does help the Jacob Rees-Mogg types who have already profited millions off of betting on the pound.

    Every single thing that we were promised during the leave campaign was a lie and now the charlatans need holding to account and preferably prosecuted.

    We’re now the poor man of Europe once again.

    The worst, most corrupt and most useless government in history has left the UK with crippling national debt, the highest taxes in Europe, the lowest pensions, sewage in our rivers and seas and public services on its knees whilst they’ve raped and pillaged our country and made off with billions of pounds for them and their mates.

    They’ll continue to siphon off as much as they can until they (hopefully) get kicked out at the next election.

    We need a proportionally represented electoral system, nationalisation of our public services and a codified British constitution so, for example, prime ministers cannot lie to the Queen and parliament and get away with it. What once was career ending is just another day in the Conservative Party.

    Unfortunately I’m not sure the Labour Party are prepared to make those changes, instead they’ll continue to try and “Make Brexit work”.

    Yours angrily,


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