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Dear all,


My name is Peter Corr, co-founder of The National Rejoin March. 

The National Rejoin March is a campaign group set up with the goal of putting re-joining the EU on the political agendaWe’ve been going for just over a year now, having had a few highly successful events already – not least the first National Rejoin March last October. 

During that first march, I had the pleasure of meeting both Terry Reintke and Guy Verhofstadt, both sitting MEPs. They assured me that in spite of what the Brexiters say, the door remains open for the UK to re-join the EU. 

They also informed me that despite Brexit, the UK has Europe’s biggest and most active pro-EU community. And that we as ‘Europe’s biggest and most active pro-EU community’ must keep going and growing to keep this momentum up.

So to keep the momentum up we’re hosting ‘National Rejoin March II’, happening in London on Saturday 23rd September 2023, and would love to see as many of you as possible there.


The National Rejoin March II is a chance to express your anger about Brexit, meet like-minded individuals and show your support for re-joining the EU. We know many of you share a personal connection to certain EU countries and, for that reason, we are encouraging you to bring a flag from an EU country close to your heart. 

The buzz around this year’s march and rally, now an annual event until we’re back in the EU, is far greater than the first last year. We’re expecting it to be even bigger and we’re working to make it even better. 

As we expect the day to be even bigger, we’re looking for volunteers to assist us on the day. If you’re interested in volunteering, register here:


I look forward to seeing you all in September. 

Thank you, 

Peter Corr,

Co-founder, National Rejoin March 

P.S. This event is not organised by the European Movement UK. Please direct any questions you may have about the National Rejoin March II to

European Movement UK

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