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Building the Pro-EU youth movement: YEM, Erasmus and London4Europe

Webinar on Tuesday 22 August, 6.45pm

For operational reasons, this month’s Fourth Thursday Club is on a Tuesday!!

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We were all incredibly disappointed when the UK government announced that the UK would leave the Erasmus+ programme. This was despite the pledge given by the Prime Minister on the 15 January 2020 that “there is no threat to the Erasmus scheme” posed by leaving the European Union. Another broken Brexit promise.

The presentation will focus on YEM’s plans for the coming year, with an emphasis on campaigning for Erasmus+.

And more generally, how can we at London4Europe work together with YEM to recruit more young people to our causes, as volunteers, campaigners and activists?

The presentation and discussion is open to all attendees to contribute, hopefully leading to some positive and ambitious plans for the coming year.

About YEM

The Young European Movement UK (YEM UK) is the organisation of the UK’s young pro-European activists and the product of two parent organisations: the youth section of the European Movement and the UK section of the Young European Federalists (JEF Europe).

About EPA

To assist in the discussions, we will also be joined by leading lights of the Erasmus Plus Alliance (EPA), a campaigning group of volunteers, non-party-political, who want present and future generations in our country to continue to have the opportunities provided by the Erasmus+ international exchange programme. Open to all who share common values and goals, the EPA is keen to work with YEM to achieve outcomes of mutual advantage.

About our Speakers and Contributors

New YEM President Kladji Selimi takes to the virtual stage to explain his plans for YEM over the coming year. He will be accompanied by colleagues Willow Fisher (Head of Campaigns), and Stella Mavropoulou (Head of Partnerships).

Klajdi Selimi, PRESIDENT: Klajdi is a campaigner with six years of experience working with and leading several organisations with different political backgrounds. He specialises in British and European politics.

Stella Mavropoulou, HEAD OF INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS AND PARTNERSHIPS: Stella is an ambitious political scientist with a passion for the Human Rights sector. She graduated from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and holds an MSc in Human Rights and Politics. She is Team Administrator & Co-Chair of the Diversity and Inclusion Team at Huma, UK.

She recently represented the Young European Movement UK at the Grassroots Conference in Sheffield. You can watch the whole presentation here 

Willow Fisher, HEAD OF CAMPAIGNS: Willow is reading Politics Philosophy and Economics at the University of Manchester.

and representing EPA:

Jennifer Monahan is a journalist and activist, specialising in education and training, youth opportunities and refugees. In January 2021, she founded the Erasmus Plus Alliance, campaigning to restore the UK’s involvement in the EU youth exchange programme.

Annette Kratz: A professional in International Student and Staff Mobility, Annette has worked in international education for over 35 years. Mainly focused on international mobility, exchanges and partnerships, she has also covered international recruitment, visa compliance and student support.

Christine Lester is the Chief Executive of Minster Development Centre Ltd. She specialises in the development of people and their organisations, with extensive experience of running best practice projects across the European Union.

What is Erasmus+?

Erasmus+ is the EU programme for education, training, youth and sport

Since it began, the Erasmus+ scheme has been a huge success. It has provided more than three million students with the opportunity to go abroad to study at a higher education institution or train in a company.

Clearly, such an opportunity is a great way to learn a foreign language, to experience a different culture, and grow from facing challenges in a new environment. These are invaluable opportunities for helping young people to continue to improve their futures and their development as citizens of a connected world — indeed, students who go abroad are 20% less likely to be unemployed six months after graduation, and, of Erasmus+ work placement students, one in three are offered a job at their host company upon graduation.

And since the programme provides substantial bursaries for those who need them, it allows students from all economic backgrounds to have this chance.

During the webinar, we will explain why the Turing Scheme is far from an adequate replacement.

To register for this webinar, please click on this link

Can’t make it? Please register anyway and we will send you details of the on-demand version when available.


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If you are willing to be included, please indicate by replying to this email (, including your mobile number.

If you are a member of this Broadcast Group, you can also send us copies of any events you are holding, and we will similarly promote them via the Group and also via our e-blasting system to the London Supporters Group (30,000 circulation).


Andy Pye
Secretary, London4Europe
General Secretary, Erasmus Plus Alliance

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