3 thoughts on “Unless Starmer re-engages with Europe, he is courting disaster | The New European”

  1. I cheered Starmer to the roof-tops when he stood in Parliament Square demanding a second referendum.
    He has betrayed those of us who knew from the start that Brexit would damage the lives of the ordinary people of this country.
    I was a card-carrying Labour Party member but left after his appalling about-turn. I will vote for my local Labour candidate at the next election, but I hope and pray that common sense will prevail and that Starmer is turfed out of his position as leader. He has betrayed all of us.

  2. Totally agree Elizabeth, I have done the same, except that I warned my CLP not to vote for him. They decided I was scaremongering when I said he would revert to being an establishment Tory once elected. I am sad to say I’ve been proven correct. Now basically politically homeless.

  3. I could not agree more with Elizabeth. On becoming leader of the Labour Party, Keir Starmer had a wonderful opportunity to explain fully to the people of the UK just how badly Brexit was damaging the UK economy and our national prestige. In keeping quiet about Brexit and refusing to condemn it, he, in my opinion, failed our nation completely. I was so angered by his inaction that in 2022 I decided, at the age of 94 years, to write a book myself about Brexit. I completed the book which I entitled ‘Brexit Unmasked (The memoirs and opinions of a nonagenarian)’ in Sept. 2022, and it was published early in 2023. All of the main items, including the economy, immigration, sovereignty and the way the 2016 referendum was conducted, were fully covered. I also commented about the foolishness of David Cameron’s allowing a referendum to take place without first compelling those who were demanding one to put forward real evidence (in the form of economic models that would be examined by our finest economists) that leaving the EU would not damage the UK economy. This would have ended Brexit, as any attempt to comply with this requirement would have been met by a storm of scorn and derision from our leading economists and economic organisations.

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