Brexit reality check from OBR as Hunt steers clear | The Herald

​  The Brexiters seem so absolutely desperate to move on that shouting down anyone who offers the facts has become commonplace. Read More 

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1 thought on “Brexit reality check from OBR as Hunt steers clear | The Herald”

  1. Brexiters are “keen to move on” because they know they’ve lost any argument they may have had for the UK to leave the EU.
    They will just continue “la-la-la-ing” in the hope we will just forget everything that was promised (and which many of us knew to be lies).
    My generation voted leave, but there were many of us who didn’t and I will never forgive nor forget those who lied and cheated, who wanted only to avoid paying new taxes under EU law and who didn’t give a toss for the future of our young people.

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