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The Rejoin EU Party targets general election after London success

The Rejoin EU Party is gearing up for the forthcoming general election after voters backed our message to Westminster politicians in last week's local elections that they can't ignore Brexit.

The party came 6th out of 15 parties on the list ballot in the London Assembly elections with 62,528 votes, becoming the highest-placed party not to get an assembly member elected and saving its deposit (results here). 

We had a very positive response on social media and on the doorstep, despite limited resources, and believe the result bears out polls showing voters' growing discontent with Brexit and rising popular support for re-joining the EU. 

Now we hope to replicate and build on our success in London nationwide by ramping up our campaign efforts ahead of the GE – but we can't do it without you.

We know many of you have already kindly indicated your interest in helping us in various ways and rest assured that we’ll be in contact in due course as we develop our election plans.

But if you're interested in standing as a candidate for Rejoin EU in your local constituency, or a neighbouring constituency where we could make a difference, and you haven’t already let us know, please do so ASAP by doing our survey and/or visiting our volunteer page at or by emailing us at

Please help us spread the word about our campaign by sharing our posts on Twitter, Facebook and other social media as much as possible and telling your family, friends, colleagues and neighbours.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we won't be able to do any of this without more funds, so please do help us by becoming a paid supporter or making a one-off donation on our website – as a well-known supermarket once said, every little helps!

We have regular online meetings most Fridays at 5pm, so if you would like to attend one of those, please email us at the above address and we’ll send you a joining link.

The local elections showed the Tories are in meltdown and a general election could be called at any time – please help us to be ready whenever it comes.

Kind regards,

The Rejoin EU Party team


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